ARCAP Partners


ARCAP Partners, an independent, privately-owned firm is committed to serving the best interest of our clients needs. As a multi-family office we are dedicated to assisting and advising our clients in creating, managing and preserving their wealth from generation to generation.


“Wars are lost by faulty assumptions, not faulty tactics” – Sun Tzu 


A Proven Approach

ARCAP Partners, being a trusted advisor, focuses on strategic planning for high net worth clientele. We are uniquely qualified to advise entrepreneurs, business owners and affluent families with comprehensive planning, business advisory services as well as sophisticated tax planning strategies.


Our Platform

Comprised of a unique blend of experience, knowledge and expertise. ARCAP Partners is able to provide each client with their own custom approach. Our founder’s life experiences provides ARCAP Partners a unique ability to understand the clients we serve.



The current economic environment is ever changing. Being able to understand how to navigate volatility in the market, an unsettled geo-political climate and complicated regulatory legislation is important. ARCAP Partners ability to understand and command the right approach through tax planning, insurance needs and wealth preservation is an essential tool for any planning need.


Business Owner Family Office

ARCAP Partners addresses the needs of clients by tailoring special plans specific to each company, owner, and family, understanding the different challenges that may arise due to a wide range of personalities and combinations of interrelationships. Attorneys work closely with business owners, family members, advisors, and teams to provide solutions to the various legal issues that family enterprises encounter on a day to day basis and as they evolve over generations.


Our Team